Pilates, it’s not just an exercise class, it’s a lifestyle!

Pilates, not just an exercise class, it’s a lifestyle change. 

So, you have decided to join the Pilates world! Fantastic! You may also have been part of a class for some time now, perhaps because of back issues, poor posture or flexibility. You may have joined after becoming a new mum following the changes pregnancy has on your body, or you simply want to relax and de-stress.

Pilates brings countless amounts of benefits to ourselves but we need to ask ourselves this, are we using these amazing new skills in our daily life?

Pilates builds upon a gradual process our looking after ourselves, our bodies and what our bodies need. Our bodies are our engines, our transport that carries us through each and every single day.

I read somewhere once that if we compare our bodies to a car, brand new it would be fine tuned, running smoothly. If one part of that car wasn’t working properly, problems occur and we would need to check it into a garage for servicing! If one part of our body isn’t working well, we might be achy, sore and this would affect how we go through each day right?

Our bodies are amazing, with its incredible functional ability, we need to look after it, care for it and protect it.

By practising Pilates regularly we are nurturing our body, ourselves and feeding our engine to run smoothly.

Pilates is a lifestyle change.

Choosing to become more aware of our posture and body position, allows us to connect with our inner self, to sharpen our focus and to recognise our bodies way of cheating, which in turn allows us to correct them.

Pilates with Gillian O'Kane
We learn to feel and connect with our deep postural muscles, providing our foundation of stability, our need for correct movement and our power to prevent injury.

This is the power of BODY AWARENESS.

It never ceases to amaze me how regular Pilates practice reaps all of those amazing benefits.

With this in mind I encourage you to start to take your Pilates practice home with you, when brushing your teeth in the morning, to preparing your dinner, when sitting at your desk at work to driving the car home at night, when loading the washing machine to putting your son or daughter to bed at night.

Pilates is functional, it’s all around us, it’s powerful, and it’s your lifestyle!